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A Thula Baba Bucket can make a difference to individual children and families, but also has the potential to change communities – and our perspective on the “Mother City”.


Your donation helps us to fill buckets with love. Buckets are awarded to mothers from underprivileged communities, who complete free antenatal and childcare classes.

Equipping moms with the knowledge and tools to be the best possible first nurturers and educators for their babies. Breaking the cycle of poverty one family at a time. Early interventions to ensure physically strong and emotionally confident children with curious minds ready to take on the world.


Our goal for the remainder of 2019 is to provide 120 Antenatal buckets and 30 Baby Care buckets. We welcome sponsors for the items on our Wishlist – everything from the containers to the contents including nappies, toiletries, clothes and blankets, as well as toys and books.


Aside from Donations and Sponsorships, there are opportunities to contribute and support our efforts in many other aspects of our operations. Find out how!