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At the Thula Baba Project we believe that mothers are the key to improving lives for all. Mothers are the first nurturers and the first educators. In our Equipping Mothers programme we encourage attendance of Antenatal and Childcare courses at our partner organisations by providing incentive packs to be given out at graduation.

Our aim is to supply all that new moms need during birth and immediately after to help reduce stress and increase bonding between mother and child and follow up with further support to encourage early literacy and learning through play.

We also provide emergency packs to various maternity units, which we have named our Dressing Babies programme.

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Equipping Mothers
Thula Baba Bucket

The Thula Baba Bucket is an incentive we offer to encourage new mothers to complete 10-week courses (prenatal and postnatal) during which they learn the importance of love, play, food and safety
and how they contribute to the full development of a human being.



Attachment and Bonding. Children who feel loved develop into confident children, who grow up into caring people.



Keeping baby healthy means preventing the spread of illness, and creating safe spaces for sleep and play.


Read, Play, Sing

Stimulation for developing minds happens when mothers sing, read, and encourage explorative play.


Best Food

From pregnancy through to breastfeeding and early solids – good nutrition creates the foundation for healthy bodies and minds.

Dressing Babies
Emergency Packs

We pack seven types of packs according to the needs of the various maternity units we support. These include clothing, toiletries, a blanket, a toy, and a book. Moms receiving these packs are able to spend time bonding with their babies and not worrying about what their baby will wear to leave the hospital.

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A Thula Baba Bucket can make a difference not just to individual children and families, but also has the potential to change whole communities.