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Our Board Chairman Katy Caldis is one of the first women to qualify as an Actuary in South Africa and has over 20 years of experience in the Health Insurance Industry. 

Katy is the Divisional Director of Health Product and Marketing at Liberty Health. Her experience as a healthcare financing executive brings a strong strategic outlook and governance to our board. Katy has a keen interest in holistic wellness and is always on the lookout for simple solutions to the health challenges in Africa. In her free time Katy can be found in her permaculture garden.

The way in which we parent has a huge impact on the next generation and therefore on our future.  We live on the youngest continent in the world and the proportion of youth in South Africa is growing.  Unsupported and distressed mothers are unable to give their children the support and love they need to thrive.  Whilst some people are able to overcome early setbacks, many more remain emotionally, physically or mentally stunted, never achieving their full potential.  To unlock a positive future for our country and our continent we need to leverage the full potential of human talent to overcome huge challenges of poverty, disease, violence and unrest.  I believe the journey to healing begins right from the moment of conception and that by supporting women in our most distressed communities we can go a long way towards achieving a positive and certain future for South Africa where all can thrive.”Katy

SECRETARY: Trixy Lochner

Trixy Lochner is a seasoned product developer with over 20 years of launching various well known lines of beauty and healthcare products at a leading retailer.


Trixy has many years of buying experience which she brings into her role as our Director of Operations.  She was drawn to this project because of her interest in the impact of early nurturing on literacy.  Trixy is married with two children, both currently at university.  Her hobbies include doing short courses, reading and sewing.

Founding Managing Director: Caroline Isted

Caroline Isted has led many successful projects and programmes across the African continent over her 25 year career with a Global Organisation.

Caroline, is a programme manager with a love of the outdoors and adventure.  Having spent many years working on projects for Shell, she brings her skills of team and programme management. It is Caroline’s interest in systems and change management that drives Thula towards an intervention that starts with motherhood and results in societal impact.

“Motherhood is the most important job of all. Her role and behaviours while pregnant and in those first very formative years has an impact beyond measure. She sets the foundation for physical, mental and academic development. I believe that by equipping mothers with the know how and the tools we support her to change the future.” – Caroline