Our Needs

All donations and sponsorships, no matter the size, help us equip mothers. Please contact Wendy Purdon to arrange deliveries or collections.

(wendy.purdon@thulababaproject.co.za or call/WhatsApp on +27 (76) 627-4776)

Aqueous Cream 

We distribute 16kg of Aqueous Cream a month, to 160 babies in emergency packs and gift one hundred 500g packs per term (4 terms per year) for graduations to the 100 mothers who complete the prenatal classes. Aqueous cream is an important step of keeping baby’s skin moisturized. The skin on skin contact during the process of putting the cream on is also an important bonding process.   

Bum / Nappy Cream 

We distribute 6kg of Bum / Nappy Cream a month, to 160 mothers and gift one hundred 50g packs per term. Nappy cream is used to create a barrier and prevent nappy rash. 

Maternity Pads 

We distribute 280 maternity pads a month, to 140 mothers in emergency packs and gift 100 complete packs per term. Mothers are required to leave the clinic 6 hours after an uncomplicated natural birth. Maternity pads allow her to do so with dignity. 

Soap and facecloths 

We distribute 140 small bars of soap and facecloths a month to 140 mothers in emergency packs. This allows mothers to freshen up before they leave the clinic.  We gift 100 graduating mothers with full sized bars of soap and small hand-towels per term. These are to encourage keeping hands clean when handling newborn babies and when changing nappies and preparing food. 

Dental Kits 

We need 140 dental kits a month to allow mothers the chance to freshen-up after giving birth.

Snacks for mothers 

We need 160 small nutritious snacks a month for exhausted mothers – to give them some sustenance for the journey home

Baby blankets 

100 new receiving blankets each term  are gifted as part of the graduation gifts. 

Baby Onezies 

100 new baby onzies each term  are gifted as part of the graduation gifts. 270 previously loved baby onezies a month are distributed to 270 babies in emergency packs. 

Wool for Knitters 

An estimated 330 balls of wool a month are used by our team of knitters to produce 340 beanies, 90 pairs of booties and 190 jerseys distributed in our emergency packs. 

Fleece for blankets 

Each month 70 metres of polar fleece are turned into 140 baby blankets by a few dedicated individuals who cut and edge each one. These blankets are distributed at the clinics in emergency packs. 

Overlocker sewing machine 

Required for edging the fleece blankets. If we had one in the Thula Room we would be less reliant on the volunteers. 

Computer (Desktop or laptop) 

We need a computer to record donations and manage stock electronically in the stockroom

Currently the team use their own laptops where they have them. These are not all are functioning well, and not everyone in the team has a laptop. We have the microsoft365 licenses in place.  


We do weekly collections and deliveries from Muizenberg to Seapoint, Hout Bay to Khayelitsha, Kuilsriver to Parow. Travelling at least 600kms a month. A share branded vehicle will advertise both Thula Baba Project and the benefactor throughout Cape Town. 


600kms a month at the conservative consumption of 6km per litre requires 100litres of petrol at the current price that equates to around R2000 a month for fuel