Our Needs

All donations and sponsorships, no matter the size, help us equip mothers. Please contact Wendy Purdon to arrange deliveries or collections.

(wendy.purdon@thulababaproject.co.za or call/WhatsApp on +27 (76) 627-4776)

Maternity pads

Sanitary pads

Small hand towel and a bar of soap for each mom (to keep her hands clean and hygienic)

Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

Facecloths and baby soap for babies

Aqueous cream

Baby wash, baby lotion and baby oil

Waterproofs or covers for washable nappies

Receiver blankets

Baby Clothes from Tiny baby to 12 Months (Preloved and new)

Knitted items – contact us for patterns and current needs

Babies First books in French, Swahili and Shona (for our refugee moms) Preloved or new

Tummytime mats for developing babies