Love That Baby

So many of our volunteers and friends tell us how much they love babies. Who doesn’t love those chubby cheeks, those sweet eyes and the charming giggles. Not to mention those huggable little bodies.

Our current Thula Baba Leo turns two this year – as his adoptive granny I’m delighted with his current growing vocabulary. His current favourite phrase is “Hello Dear”. 

Right now, I can hear him in the Thula Baba Project Room singing “London Bridge is falling down”. Or at least some version of it. 

Everyday he does or says something new. He copies everyone this is a most fun time and I’m loving that I get to share it with him and his mom and dad.

Attachment and bonding is the scientific phrase used in the many articles I read for research into the theories about early childhood development this research is used in the formulating of the Thula Baba Project Strategies. 

How amazing that something that comes so naturally is so important for so many key developmental stages. 

A loved child is a confident child. A confident child will have the courage to learn new things. A child with a love of learning will be more successful in formal education. A better education guarantees a better outcome for the child.

 A loved child will develop empathy and understand that they should not do things to others that hurt or upset them. A love child is unlikely to develop violent behaviour.

Yes, there is more to the raising of a child. 

But LOVE must be one of the greatest gifts we can give a child.