Love is in the air…

Love is in the air….… and we are overwhelmed with the love and support that has been shared this past year.

We would like to take today to thank everyone who has dedicated their time, energy or money to support us. Each act of kindness has made an impact, not only on us as an organisation but on thousands of babies, mothers, and families around the south peninsula.

We would like to say a big thank you to our knitters, sewers and crocheters whose skilled work has kept many babies’ cosy and warm!

We are also incredibly grateful for our suppliers who graciously provide both moms and babies with toiletries and baby-related items and the buckets to hold these goodies.

The pandemic has been tough for us all and in some of our toughest times, our local community came through. We could not have provided support to the moms in need during the pandemic without everyone who offered their time and energy to wash, dry, sort and pack the much-needed baby clothes and blankets.

And last but certainly not least, we are thankful for all our supporters who spread the love online. Every like and share on our social media posts helps us share our mission with others.

We wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!