Buckets Of Love

The Thula Baba Project packed community buckets during the first lockdown for people living in impoverished communities who had nowhere to turn for help.

Many government agencies had closed down and those that were still open were difficult to get to as many people had no work and could not afford transport. Non-profit organisations, such as Where Rainbows Meet, that were running feeding schemes around the Cape Peninsula often alerted us to babies crying in hunger. We then provided a community bucket to those families in need.

The recipients welcomed these buckets with love and emotion. We could see the appreciation in the eyes of those who are unemployed and without any funds to support their babies. We can only thank all the amazing Rainbow Hearts for standing up for humanity and allowing our babies and their parents dignity. Such blessings would not be possible without this support. Together we are making a difference.

Mymoena Scholtz
Founder of Where Rainbows Meet

We also received reports of children who had been affected by disasters, such as fires or floods, in our area and we were able to provide support to the families.

 We kept a database in order to follow up with the moms when lock down was over and to work together with local NGOs to find them a place in an educational or upliftment programme.

Each bucket contained:

  • 2 x complete outfits
  • A scarf and beanie
  • A book
  • A toy – handmade or gently used
  • Baby products (Aqueous cream, baby wash, wet wipes, talc and bum cream) – all donated by local CAN groups
  • A handmade or bought blanket – also donated by CAN and other knitting partnerships
  • Some nappies
  • JAR of Love – packed by the CAN that would provide a warm and nutritious soup to a family
  • A beautiful solid black or white bucket to hold all these donations which could be used to transport water, bathe a baby, or as a chair.

In total we handed out 170 buckets to children under one year of age.

These buckets will still be handed out where there is a dire need or in response to a disaster, but will be put to use mainly as a reward for completion of educational programmes by our young unmarried moms programme.

Huge thanks to all the donors (especially PAILPAC), the Muizenberg and Marina da Gama CAN groups, as well as the ever-faithful knitters, sewers and financial donors.

We at ThulaBaba are committed to helping our newest South Africans on their life’s path!