Stimulating Your Baby’s Five Senses: The Most Effective Toys

Effective learning toys that stimulate a baby’s five sensory areas help increase infant brain development. The five senses are the most valuable tools to an infant’s growth.

Sensory Stimulation

There are many forms of environmental stimulation that an infant’s brain needs for proper development. These can be situations that parents create for them or ones they create themselves. For example, parents can communicate with their babies via sign language and by speaking to them over and over, having them move toward the sound of voice. This would be an example of purposeful stimulation. Babies often tend to stimulate themselves also, by trying to move around, by grasping and kicking, and by observing faces and objects and listening to various sounds.

The more parents interact with their babies, however, the stronger their relationship and bond will be. Parents, too, can stimulate their infants through physical movements, cognitive games and play, and through sharing emotions with them. Some of these activities include using learning toys for assistance. All of these positive actions will help your baby to achieve the milestones that are essential to their overall development.

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